Edson Alves, designer

Because my mother worked from home as a seamstress, clients dropped off drawings from the designers along with the fabric in bags at our home.  As soon as they’d leave, I’d scurry downstairs and paw through the bags. I’d pull out each drawing and hold it in my hand, studying the lines, the colors, the way they created shadows.  I only had to remember to put them back in the right place (my mother usually had to remind me of that).  My designing started here - I was about 13.

The aesthetic to my brand is clean.  On the surface, I design minimalist work that is sexy (but not vulgar), made to last, and designed to withstand the trends that hit us each season (with no compassion).  Beyond this, however, there is also an aesthetic in the integrity of the brand.  I work with my mom to design and create my work.  I know the names of my sample makers in Brazil.  I’ve met their children.  I value everyone that contributes a piece of the puzzle.